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The world has come a long way since the early days of building management systems.
The turn of the century saw many of the traditionally unsophisticated, analogue building management systems become increasingly intelligent through the development of IP networking and digital technology, providing greater functionality and increased data around how those systems were being used. And yet, despite the rapid advances in functionality
and intelligence over recent years, facility managers still find themselves hampered by the need to use different systems to control a multitude of services such as lift and lighting control, fire alarms, access control, key management, heating and ventilation, energy management, CCTV and so on.


This siloed approach to systems management not only makes building management more challenging and time consuming, but also more expensive. This is due to the need for specialised technical knowledge across multiple systems and the need for more time to manage and train people in those systems. What has traditionally been missing from
facilities management, is a way to effectively, quickly and easily capture and use the data generated by the multitude of smart building systems while simplifying the user interface.

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KaAMS, short for Key and Asset Management Services, is a solution designed specifically to enable facilities managers to track, monitor and manage building services though a single, simple interface.  From a
single screen, users can see an overview of what all of their systems are doing, generate reports pertaining to maintenance issues, and capture data in more meaningful ways designed to enable a facility manager
to manage systems across either single site or multiple locations.


Built upon hundreds of hours of feedback from actual facilities managers, KaAMS is born from the understanding that, as facilities become increasingly complex, the time and resources available to manage those facilities remains the same. To help facilities managers address that challenge, KaAMS has been created to be  specifically to be used as a managed service. This frees up time and increases productivity by enabling facilities manager’s to focus on the operational demands of the site without the need to constantly monitor multiple service connections. The KaAMS monitoring centre in Geelong works 24/7 to ensures systems are connected, updated and operating at all times.


Furthermore, in addition to 24/7 monitoring  and support, through KaAMS facility, security and building managers have the access to a highly intuitive and intelligent interface that can screen out unnecessary information, presenting pertinent data in a meaningful, easy-to-manage, easy-to-use, uncomplicated format from a single window.

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Far from being yet another expense, KaAMS helps managers transform their role or department from a cost centre to a profit centre. This is achieved through a range of useful features:

Intelligent Energy Management: 
Unlike traditional facilities which rely on meter readings to provide energy data that is often 30 days old (at least), KaAMS enables managers to see and respond to trends in real time. This ability alone can help generate huge savings by helping to reduce power costs through real-time monitoring. Furthermore, the ability to identify unusual activity or spikes in power consumption in real time, not only provides the opportunity to rectify and eliminate the problem, but also eliminate potential long-term trends which could be causing significant energy costs such as lights and or HVAC systems remaining on in specific areas during periods of inactivity.


Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Scheduling:
KaAMS also enables managers to streamline maintenance through the use of data to not only identify current problems in real time, but also predict potential emerging issues based on lead indicators arising from previous incidents. This helps reduce unnecessary and often costly scheduled maintenance costs in favour of real-world needs. KaAMS helps you spend money where it;'s needed, when it's needed, before things become a major issue.



Reduced Staffing Costs
Because KaAMS is a cloud based solution, users can remotely monitor and manage sites via the cloud enabling one person to manage multiple sites from a single device.  KaAMS will even send users alerts enabling them to proactively manage and mitigate issues rather that reactively responding to problems, regardless of their location.

Reduced Training Costs:

KaAMS also significantly reduces training time and training costs for new staff. Rather than having to spend days or even weeks training new staff in dozens of different systems, KaAMS provides users with a simple to understand and easy to navigate interface that eliminates all of the confusing and unnecessary information one might typically see. Instead KaAMS provides users with a single point of reference that can manage all the important day to day tasks.

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KaAMS was developed right here in Australia based on the needs and feedback from Australian facility managers dealing with local challenges and conditions.  In addition, all support and programming engineers are based in Australia, ensuring fast support times, easy accesses to on-going training and quick responses to development needs.

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Unlike other systems which lock users into a particular solution or brand, KaAMS is a
non-proprietary solution designed to work with any and all building management systems. KaAMS has already been fully integrated with dozens of building management services. However, if for any reason one of the systems you use isn’t supported within the KaAMS software, the KaAMS team is happy to work with you to integrate KaAMS into your system. Alternatively, for system designers wanting to offer KaAMS as part of their solution,
KaAMS provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) to ensure you have everything you
need to  KaAMS can work for your customers.

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+61 3 5223 2950

7 Clare Street, Geelong,

3220, VIC, Australia

ABN: 92 621 524 945

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